A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Changing The Appearance Of Your Poolside Area

Zoe Gonzalez

If you are lucky enough to have an in-ground swimming pool in your yard, you most likely want it feel relaxing and look nice for your family and visitors. If you are in need of some remodeling, you may be able to change the entire look of your pool by making some changes to the area around it. Here are some ideas you can use for remodeling your poolside area.


Adding landscaping around your pool can make it feel as if you are at a resort or tropical paradise. Strategically placing plants and brightly colored flowers can make your deck area feel like a retreat. You can purchase some funky looking pots or planters to place in far corners next to your furniture. Adding some lush grass or some vivid large flowers can brighten the area while giving people a bit of privacy at the same time.


The material you use for flooring around your pool can make a huge difference in the aesthetics and the feel you want to portray. Stamped concrete is a favorite of many because it is easy to maintain and gives your pool deck the look of textured stone. It is also a relatively inexpensive concrete compared to other types of decking stones. There are a variety of colors available and you can replicate almost any type of stone with concrete instead. Other alternatives include pavers, wood panels or stone. Each has its own distinct look, making your poolside area look different with each choice.


The type of enclosure you have around your pool can give it different looks, as well. Using white picket fencing will give your poolside area a more country appearance. Placing a wrought iron fence around your decking will make your pool area appear majestic and rich-looking. If you have small children, you will want to use fencing you can see through. Mesh fencing is sometimes used temporarily while children are younger and then removed when they are old enough to know pool safety rules.


Consider adding a sun bed area to your deck area. You can place lawn chairs in one area where you can sunbathe in privacy. Add a few large umbrellas for when guests want to have a bit of shade. Place small tables in between chairs for setting down books or drinks.  Another extra you could incorporate into your pool area is a poolside bar. This will give your guests an enjoyable spot to enjoy a cool beverage on a hot summer day. Talk to a company that does swimming pool remodeling for more information.


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A Thank You To My Father

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