A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Bathroom Remodel: How To Use Proper Lighting For Maximum Appeal

Zoe Gonzalez

When you look at a bathroom, you probably think it will be easy to decorate. However, it takes quite a bit of skill in order to pull off the right ambiance and look. Certain lights work better than others. Some fixtures work and others won't. It all depends on the location and what type of effect you are looking to achieve. You need to be able to place the right fixture in the best spot for the most flattering effect. Here are a few tips:

Make Sure You Bring Light to the Tub Area.

Your bathtub needs a light fixture all for itself. Some people will opt for a low-hanging pendant light or chandelier while others will prefer a couple of wall sconces on either side of the tub. Make sure that if you use a chandelier or pendant light directly above the tub that you can stand up without touching it.

Carefully Illuminate the Vanity.

The vanity requires special lighting. This is because the vanity is where you will shave, apply makeup, brush your teeth and perform other daily tasks. Therefore, you need adequate lighting with little-to-no shadows casting on your face. You can opt to illuminate the space from behind the mirror, hang a pendant light from the ceiling directly overhead the vanity or place wall sconces on each side of the mirror.

Consider Adding Ambient Lighting.

When lighting your bathroom, you don't have to only use wall sconces, pendants and chandeliers. There are other lighting options, such as ambient lighting. One way to use ambient lighting is to use cove lighting to light the ceiling. Another example would be to illuminate the area underneath a piece of raised furniture, such as storage cabinets or a wall-mounted vanity.

Add Mirrors for Extra Illusion.

For added visual effects, you can use mirrors in conjunction with your lighting. Mirrors add dimension, symmetry and glam to your bathroom. Mirrors will also add the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it actually is, which is very beneficial for small spaces. If you use framed mirrors, make sure to add an adjacent light fixture for perfect balance and the best effect. You could opt to make use of lighting and a mirror together by illuminating the mirror from the backside to create a very beautiful halo effect.

Although your fixtures and other décor remain important elements of a beautiful bathroom, the lighting will bring it all together. Essentially, lighting will make or break the entire ambiance, so it is crucial that you get the lighting right from the beginning.

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