A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Functional Rain Gutters: Why They Are Important For A Roof & How To Maintain Them

Zoe Gonzalez

Rainwater is detrimental to roofing materials, but it is something that cannot be avoided because it is a part of nature. However, you can reduce the amount of water sitting on your roof by making sure there are functional rain gutters installed. Learn why it is important for a roof to have rain gutters and what you can do to keep them in a good condition.

Why are Functional Rain Gutters an Important Part of a Roof?

Rain gutters are important because they are able to capture rainwater that falls off of roofing materials and prevent it from sitting for a long time. However, it is possible for the water in rain gutters to overflow onto the roof if the gutters are not functional. For instance, leaves, dirt and trash can get trapped inside of the rain gutters and prevent water from flowing as it should.

What the rain gutters do is lead water into a downspout on the side of a house. A downspout then transports the water away for the house, which is vital for keeping the foundation safe. Without rain gutters and a downspout, rainwater can seep into the soil surrounding your home and place pressure against the foundation. Eventually, the foundation to your home can begin to crack and walls may begin to lean. You don't want leaning walls because they can damage your roof just like rainwater, but by causing the roof to cave in or crack.

How Can a Homeowner Make Sure Rain Gutters are in a Good Condition?

The first thing you should do to keep rain gutters in a good condition is inspect them for debris every now and then. You don't need the skills of a professional to inspect the rain gutters; all you need is a ladder to stand on. Just make sure it is sturdy. When you climb up the ladder, see if there is any debris in the rain gutters and remove it. You can remove debris with a trowel by simply scooping it out. You should also make sure the rain gutters are not leaning away from the edge of the roof or rusty.

Keeping good rain gutters along the edge of the roof can help you avoid having to spend money on costly repairs from water damage. Rain gutters are not only helpful for the safety of the roof, but also the foundation of your home. Contact a specialist like Custom Exteriors to install rain gutters if you don't have them already.


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