A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Three Ways You Can Incorporate Solar Energy Into Your New Roof Installation

Zoe Gonzalez

There are many options when having a new roof installed on your home. You may even be thinking about some energy efficient solutions such as green roofing and underlayments. There are also ways that you can integrate solar energy into your new roof installation. The solar panels can be installed after you install your roof, or they can be integrated into the roofing system you have on your home. If you want to integrate solar power into your roofing, here are three ways that it can be done:

1. Flat Mounted Solar Panel Racking Systems For Homes

Conventional solar panel rackings are large metal racks that are fastened to your rooftop. These can be large unsightly racks. Now, there are also flat racking systems, which can be installed flat on your roof surface much like how a roof skylight would be installed. This is ideal for making conventional solar panel arrays be less noticeable and not compromise performance of your solar energy system.

2. Solar Roofing Tiles That Integrate Into Tile Roof Design

Roofing tiles of all styles can also be made with solar panels integrated into them. These panels can be made in the shape of clay tiles or slates. If you have a synthetic slate roof, there are panels that are designed to be installed with these products. With the slate style, the solar panels that you have installed on your roof will barely be noticeable because they are almost the same color of the roofing system.

3. Solar Shingles For Use With Asphalt Roof Installations

If you have a conventional asphalt shingle roof, there are also many options for these types of roofing systems. There are solar shingles that are made to be installed with conventional asphalt shingles and are installed the same way a regular asphalt shingle are. There are also flexible solar panels that can be installed over the shingles and installed anywhere on your roof that you want them. These materials can also be used for solar panels on a flat roof, which can be good if you have areas like covered porches with flat roofs that you want to add solar panels to.

These are some of the ways that you can integrate solar power into the design of your new roof. If you need help deciding on the best system and materials for your home, contact a professional roofing contractor, like those at Roof Tech, and ask them about solar roofing solutions.


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A Thank You To My Father

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