A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Taking Down A Big Tree? 3 Things You Should Do After A Large Tree Removal

Zoe Gonzalez

Getting rid of a large tree that's unwanted, diseased or threatening your property is not as simple as having it cut down and forgetting about it. There are a few things you need to do to keep the ghost of your tree from causing problems. While your yard will initially look good after a large tree removal and stump grinding, the wood chips and debris left behind will rot over the next several years, leaving you with a huge depression in your yard. Lingering root systems can also cause problems. To avoid problems later on, do the following. 

Have the Roots Removed

While it may cost you extra, it's a good idea to have your tree service remove as much of the root system as possible. They can do so by grinding up roots underneath the surface of the ground with a specialized tool. If you choose not to remove the roots, you may end up with root growth that continues years after your tree has been removed. Roots can infiltrate drainage pipes and may cause foundation issues with your home. Remaining root systems can also spur the growth of additional tree sprouts called suckers.

Fix the Landscape

Immediately following a tree removal, you must clean up all the wood chips and mulch left in the spot where the tree was. If you leave the mulch, you will not be able to landscape properly. To avoid problems with sinking ground later on, be sure to get all of the wood that might possibly decay. Fill in the hole with fresh soil and lay sod or plant grass seed. Avoid placing another tree in the same location as it probably won't do very well because of roots that your tree service might have missed.

Inspect for Growth Often

Even if you have the roots removed, there might still be some undetected roots that remain. These roots may sprout new growth, so you have to check for it often. If you notice any new growth around the area where your tree was, be sure to remove it immediately. You can do so by simply cutting the growth as close to the ground as possible.

It may take several months to a year or more to get your yard back to normal after a large tree removal. However, if you take steps to prevent any problems that may occur, such as settling and regrowth, you can get the yard you desire sooner rather than later. For more information, contact a professional like DJ's Tree Service.


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