A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

3 Ways To Keep Your Hardwood Floors In Great Shape

Zoe Gonzalez

Keeping your hardwood floors in pristine condition is critical, as your floors can definitely influence the value of your home. Not only can the quality and appearance of your floors increase and decrease your home's property value, but because you made an investment in your floors, keeping them in perfect condition is important to your investment. A few ways you can keep your floors in great condition is to:

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Direct sunlight can potentially take away life and color out of your floors, which can ruin them. To ensure this does not occur in your home, definitely be sure to consider tinting any windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. This will help keep your floors in their original condition, so you can avoid faded spots and costly damages.

2. Refinish Your Floors:

Refinishing your floors every few years is a great way to keep them in top condition. Refinishing your floors involves you buffing out the top lawyer, using a sanding tool, and reapplying a finish layer. This will allow your floors to look new, which will help bring back life into your floors and this can lead to a more presentable and attractive interior look. So, if your floors are beginning to show signs of aging, definitely be sure that you or a professional company refinish your floors. Not only can this improve the looks of your floors, but this can help increase the lifespan of your hardwood floors, which will better your investment.

3. Buff Out Scuff Marks:

Do you have scuff marks on your floors? Chances are, these are caused from your shoes. High-heels can definitely lead to scuff marks on your wood floors, and these spots can be an eyesore. A great tip on removing scuff marks from your wood floors is to use a pencil eraser. With a pencil eraser, you will be able to remove the top layer of the wood floors, which will remove any scuff mark that was sitting on top of this specific layer. So, before you consider renting or buying heavy equipment buffing tools, definitely consider using a pencil eraser to remove small and simple scuff marks.

By taking care of your floors and implementing these tips, you will be able to keep your home looking more attractive, which will help keep the property value of your home higher. So, before your floors potentially lose their appearance and value, be sure to try some of these methods to help keep your floors in their original condition.

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