A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Tips For Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tile Floor In Your Kitchen

Zoe Gonzalez

If your kitchen currently has an old vinyl floor, then you can easily install inexpensive vinyl tiles right over the top of it for a fairly simple kitchen remodeling. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are very simple to cut and install, and will immediately update the look of your home's kitchen.  

Follow these tips to install your new kitchen flooring in just a few hours, even if you do not have any previous DIY experience:

Clean and Strip the Existing Vinyl Flooring

Since you will be sticking the vinyl tiles to the existing flooring, you need to carefully clean and strip the floor to ensure that the tiles will adhere will to the floor and stay in place for a long time. In fact, preparing the floor is the most important step and will the most greatly influence the final look of your floor.

Start by sweeping the floor with a push broom to loosen and remove any dirt, dust, and pet hair that is on the floor. Follow the broom with a quick vacuum to remove any remaining dust.

Being careful to avoid getting your cabinets wet, mop the kitchen floor with a solution of household bleach and warm water. The bleach solution will strip off any old wax from the vinyl floor and will increase the adherence for the new tiles.

Mix Together the Tiles from Multiple Boxes 

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are printed using high-quality laser printers. While they do not vary too much from one box to another, it is possible that multiple boxes of tiles may have some small variation in color or tone. So that your floor will blend well and no one will be able to see where one box of tiles ended and another began, simple shuffle together the tiles just like you would do a deck of cards. This random mixing of the tiles will ensure your floor color will be uniform throughout the floor.

Use Your Eye's Natural Behavior to Select the Starting Spot for Your Flooring

Finally, while opinions vary as to where to start your tile, the easiest way is to let your eye's natural behavior choose the spot. Walk over to your kitchen and take a quick glance at the floor. Where ever your eyes first looked at the floor is the best place to start your tile. Place the first tile in that area, and then lay the tile in the rest of the room from there. 


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