A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

3 Steps You Can Take To Ensure Clean Water From Your Well

Zoe Gonzalez

Some people worry about whether or not it is safe and sanitary to drink well water. The truth is that a well-maintained well that is in good condition and that is used properly can produce safe water for you and your entire family. You do have to do a few things to ensure clean water, however, so follow these tips to prevent sanitation and safety issues with your well water.

1. Keep it Maintained

First of all, you should make sure that you take every step necessary to keep your well well-maintained. Have it inspected regularly, and call a professional any time that you notice problems, such as if you notice that your water has an odd smell or appearance. You should also follow the guidelines from your well maintenance professional in regards to having your water tested. According to the CDC, you should have your well water tested at least once per year, if you notice any problems with your water or if you have any major changes done to your well.

2. Chlorinate Your Water

You might already know that the water that is provided by your city or town is probably chlorinated, but you might not realize that you can chlorinate your well water as well. You can hire a professional to add the proper amount of bleach to your water, or you can chlorinate it yourself by adding three pints of bleach -- the same kind that you use for your laundry -- per every 100 gallons of well water. Just make sure that you follow these guidelines properly to avoid overchlorinating your water, which can be harmful.

3. Be Careful with Potential Contaminants

Think about the things that you use on your property that could contaminate your well water. For example, you have to think about things like spraying chemicals -- such as pesticides or fertilizers -- or pouring out cleaning water that contains chemicals. This is important because it can contaminate your groundwater, and therefore your family's drinking water. Make sure that you keep these items far away from your well, or consider using natural fertilizers and pesticides instead of using harsh, harmful chemicals.

You have little control over the groundwater in your area, but you can still take steps to help ensure that your family gets clean and safe water from your well. Take these steps, and you can feel good about your water quality. 


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A Thank You To My Father

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