A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Signs That You Should Have Your Flat Roof Repaired

Zoe Gonzalez

If part of your home has a flat, low-slope or built-up roofing system installed, it can be prone to possible leakage. Improperly installed roofing materials or an aged roof can easily lead to water damage within your home or garage area. Calling a roofing contractor that specializes in low-slope roofing is the best way to weigh in on the performance of your roof. To you, it may not be visibly obvious that your roof needs repairs. If you're uncertain if you need to hire a contractor for a roofing job, here are some signs that may indicate you should contact a pro right away.  


The placement of a flat roof is necessary with some homes because of the overall support and design of the structure. A flat roof area may be connecting a garage or a breezeway or it could be a flat slope that was created strictly for aesthetic purposes. Regardless, once rain begins to fall, it can quickly accumulate on these areas—causing excessive pooling and pressure on the roofing surface. The result is weak areas that can lead to leaks. Any type of water staining on your walls and ceiling is a visible result. A roofing contractor will be able to waterproof the roof and possibly create a faux slope to help rainwater runoff more easily.

Visible Mold And Mildew

Many times, a leaky, flat roof can be subtle. A small gap between the roof line or chimney can also cause water to seep in. The result could be mold that is growing behind the drywall inside your home. This can lead to odor, and decay of the drywall and supporting beams in your attic and walls. Over time, excessive mold and mildew exposure can lead to respiratory distress and other health issues such as skin and eye irritation according to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. Contacting a roofing contractor right away will help repair the issue and prevent future leaks from occurring.

Sagging Interior Ceiling

If you've been noticing a change such as sagging in the interior ceiling where the flat roofing area is located, it could be due to a leak or accumulated ice buildup on the roof. Added pressure from ice can lead to cracking and buckling of the roof materials, causing water to come inside and destroy your ceiling. Your contractor may choose the following options for roof repair:

  • Create a built-up or slope-leveling roof using SPF or spray foam insulation
  • A tar and gravel surface
  • An airtight self-adhered membrane or modified bitumen
  • A waterproof rubber membrane coated roof
  • Metal roof surface

Repairing the existing flat roof or redoing the entire roof altogether are both options that you can choose according to what your budget will allow.

Fluctuations In Energy Usage

Another subtle hint that may indicate a roof leak is a sudden fluctuation in your heating and cooling bills. If you notice a jump in your meter readings, either in really warm or really cold weather, it could mean that there is a hole in the flat roof area. This would allow air to flow through more easily, making your HVAC system work hard than it needs to. Your contractor can inspect your roof to determine if it's leaking or not properly insulated.

If you've noticed any changes with your utility bills or visible signs of a leak, call a roofing contractor like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc. right away to discuss the best option for you.


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