A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Three Tips For Buying Steel Buildings

Zoe Gonzalez

If you manage an industrial facility and you're about to purchase your first steel building to provide more space for your workers, you're making a sound choice -- but you have to be sure that you go about finding and purchasing the building correctly. There's more to this than just picking a model and having it bolted down in an empty lot. But if you're aware of certain issues, buying a steel building is actually quite simple. Here are three tips to help you buy steel buildings without a lot of trouble.

The Foundation Might Not Be Included

Many steel building companies offer building packages that include not only the building but services like construction. However, not all of these packages include constructing the foundation for the steel building. When you look at floor plans, ask specifically about foundation construction and design. You want to know well ahead of time if there will be additional charges and services required to create a strong foundation because the steel building needs to have that stability, especially if the building will be in the path of strong winds or in a seismically active area.

Drainage Is a Crucial Issue

The site that the building will be on has to have good drainage. Flooding can not only affect the interior floor of the building, but it can damage the foundation if the soil around the building is constantly soaked or flooding. Plus, if the coating on the metal is chipped somehow, then water can cause the metal itself to rust and corrode. Checking out the drainage in the area may be something you have to do before you can even get a permit to have the building on your property, and drainage services might not be something the steel-building manufacturer handles. If not, you need to know now so you can arrange for surveyors and engineers to check out the land.

Have Everything Done Either In-House or With Nearby Contractors

It's common nowadays for services like architectural design to be outsourced to contractors or other firms. If you can work with a steel-building manufacturer who has everything done in-house, that's best because nothing (such as another contract) needs to be renegotiated if you have to change plans. If you can't work with a totally in-house operation, look for a company who uses contractors in the same city. It's easier to have modifications done if everyone has the same business hours and can talk to each other face-to-face, instead of using overseas contractors who may not be able to respond as quickly.

If you have other questions about buying and installing a steel building, talk to the manufacturer and get a detailed rundown of what their process is from the beginning to end. Get as many prices (or estimates) as you can ahead of time, and talk to your city's planning department regarding permits. Click here for more information about metal buildings


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