A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

What Can You Do To Make Sure Your Central Air Conditioning System Doesn't Stop Working In The Summer?

Zoe Gonzalez

Like many other people, you probably consider your central air conditioning system to be the main source of relief in the hot summer heat. However, you may not know what, if anything, you can do to keep the system functional so that you and your family aren't without air conditioning during the summer. The maintenance tips below might help.

Monitor the Outside Unit Regularly

If your main A/C unit is outside in the yard, it's easy to ignore it until you have a problem with the cooling system. To help avoid sudden problems, it's smart to regularly monitor the unit and ensure that dirt, branches, grass and other debris aren't crowding or infiltrating it. Substances that get into the unit can clog it or coat the coils of the condenser, which can make the unit work harder. As a result, it may need to be fixed more often. Twigs and leaves can also interfere with the functioning of the fan.

Take care of the yard that surrounds the unit so that you can cut down on the debris that makes it into the unit. Make sure that the grass around the unit is kept low and remove any dead leaves in the area.

Inspect A/C Lines

The tubes that lead into your home are also important to keep an eye on. These refrigerant lines are typically covered with insulation so that they can bring cool air into your home without interruption, but over time the insulation can become worn and torn, leaving the tubes exposed. If that happens, the air inside the tubes can become warm and cooling is less efficient. In addition, condensation can take place on the tubes themselves, which might then drip with water.

Therefore, it is wise to check out the insulation from time to time to ensure it is in place and undamaged. If you do have to replace insulation, it can be done easily enough by heading to the closest hardware or home improvement store. Insulation sleeves that have been pre-cut can be slipped onto your refrigerant lines quickly.

Clean Out Filters

To be confident that the air flowing into your house is clean, periodically look at your air conditioning filters to see that they are not clogged or ripped. Clean filters can allow cool air to flow freely, so keep them clear of dust, lint and other debris.

Using the three tips above, you can protect your cooling system and keep your family from overheating throughout the summer. Ask a local HVAC company to assess our entire system and provide additional tips that might help you properly maintain your system.

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