A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Does Your House Lack Exterior Lighting And You Think Someone Is Lingering? What To Do

Zoe Gonzalez

If you think you have a problem with someone trying to get on your property or in your home and you have no exterior lighting at the house, you'll want to have an electrician come to the property. It can be hard to track people in the dark, so you need to make some changes.

You want to have plenty of lighting so you can see what is going on before you venture out of your property in the dark, which can be dangerous if someone is out there, and to make it more difficult for people to move around undetected. Ask about the following things.

Exterior Sconces

The lighting can look decorative instead of industrial. Have exterior lanterns or sconces put on both sides of the garage door and in areas around main doors, the front door, and even near a back sliding door. These exterior lights will provide lighting where people are walking and add a decorative touch to your home at the same time.

Motion Lighting

Not only do you want to have lighting around the space, but you also should look into getting motion lighting. The sensor will detect movement in the area and the light will turn on, exposing an intruder if someone is trying to get into your home or do bad things on your property. You can even install these at the property lines on fences and in the air.

IP Cameras

If you are sure that someone has been lurking around, consider IP cameras for the house. You can order the models of cameras that will record and be activated with movement. These will record the person that is lurking and give you evidence for the authorities. These can be connected to smart devices so you can monitor what is happening at home no matter where you are.

If you only have suspicions that someone is around the property and have no evidence, then this may be enough to put your mind at ease. Consider getting a home security system to also monitor the entrances around the property while you are home and away. If you do have evidence that you've been dealing with intruders, you'll want to notify the authorities so they can monitor your home and so they can try to narrow down a suspect. These changes will brighten up your property and add value at the same time. For more information, contact local electrical services professionals.


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A Thank You To My Father

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