A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

3 DIY Landscaping Renovations To Give Your Yard More Functional Spaces

Zoe Gonzalez

Once you have finished with ongoing improvements inside your home, it may be time to consider some renovations to the exterior of your home. One of the things that you may want to do is add functional features to the landscaped areas of your home, such as an outdoor kitchen or living space, as well as many other functional features like vertical gardens and green space. Here are some landscaping ideas that can give you more out of your outdoor space:

1. Building A Simple Outdoor Grill, Kitchen, And Cooking Area

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to your landscaping. There are premade grill inserts that you can add to a brick or wood counter that you build outside. These should be waterproof, but the addition of a covering for hood can help protect it from the elements. You can also build a brick grill and create a custom design that includes a smoker for grilling out. For this outdoor kitchen space, you may also want to add some cabinets and storage.  Food prep surfaces can also be good, which using solid surface counter tops can be good for.

2. Give Your Backyard Seating And Furniture With Exterior Materials

Give your backyard more seating if you plan on doing a lot of cooking and entertaining. You can make benches in features like planters and retaining walls to add seating to your backyard. You may also want to build some outdoor furniture, such as dining tables, chairs and sofa. To do this, use woods that are good for outdoor projects, such as treated lumber, cedar and tropical hardwoods. White oak is another good material for outdoor furniture projects. Cedar and oak materials will be the most durable and affordable domestic lumbers to use for these projects.

3. Add Vertical Gardens, Paths And Other Features For Decoration

A vertical garden can be another interesting addition to your landscaping. You may want to start with one vertical garden, using a small container stand. There are also systems that can be hung on fences and railings. To start, plant herbs and smaller plants that are easy to care for an require little space. As you improve, you can try other plants, and even vine plants like cucumbers, watermelons and pumpkins.

These are some landscaping renovation projects that can give you more out of your outdoor space. If you are ready to start improving your exterior space, contact a fence contractor to help with some of these custom features for your fence and landscaping. Click to find out more about renovating your outdoor space.


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