A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

How To Get Nasty Smells Out Of Your Sewer Drain

Zoe Gonzalez

After washing dishes sometimes, you may have noticed a stinky smell from whatever you just washed down your kitchen sink. If left alone, that smell can turn into a really awful smell, leaving you to wonder, "what died in my kitchen?" Those foul smells may make your dinner a little less appetizing and may be a little embarrassing when you are entertaining guests. You can get those smells out of your drain, without removing pipes, burning a million candles, or even burning incense. See below for tips on how to get those smells out of your drain.

Bleach Method

Grab that bottle of bleach from your laundry room and begin to slowly pour it down the sides of your drain. It will grab anything stuck to the sides of the drain pipe on the way down (such as fruit flies) and neutralize smells. Don't like the smell of bleach? Use bleach with lavender or lemon smells added to it. They still have a slight bleach smell, but not quite as bad.

Lemon/Ice Method

If you have a garbage disposal, they can get quite disgusting with smells from all of the food that gets chopped up in it. Use lemon slices and a little bit of water inside of an ice cube tray. Freeze them, so you have your own smell-neutralizing ice cubes just for your disposal. The lemon will help get rid of smells, leaving your garbage disposal smelling fresh, while the ice will help to sharpen the blades. Be sure to use small lemon slices. 

Be sure to also clean everything around your sink. The drain stopper can be clogged with gunk and built up food particles, which could be the cause of the odor. Clean this by soaking it in hot water and mild dish soap. Wash the drain stopper, as well as the drain hole as well. Use a bleach wipe to help disinfect the area. Remove any stinky sponges, dish cloths, or dish brushes, as these can also get a funk on them, which can be the culprit. 

Cleaning your drain of smells is fairly simple to do. If the smell doesn't come out with bleach or lemon, the problem could be a blockage inside of the drain. If this is the case, try to pour about a half of a gallon of boiling hot water down the sides of your drain to help clear it naturally, rather than using a harsh drain cleaner, which could possibly damage older pipes.

For more information, contact local professionals like Walters Environmental Services.


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