A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

2 Reasons To Get Your Windows Replaced

Zoe Gonzalez

The windows on your home fulfill several different purposes for you, but if they aren't functioning properly, then they are not going to meet your needs. Since it is very important that all aspects of your home are functional for you, including your windows, you are going to want to get them replaced as soon as you can. This article will discuss 2 reasons to get your windows replaced

To Decrease Your Energy Bills

If you live in an older home with older windows, you may notice that your energy bills are exceptionally high. This is likely due to the fact that your windows are not doing a very good job of keeping the hot air out of your house in the summer and the cold air out of your house in the winter. You are also likely losing a lot of the heat or air conditioning through your windows, making you HVAC system work even harder, thus increasing your bills. A great way to fix this issue is to have more energy-efficient windows installed. These windows are going to have thicker glass, thus effectively stopping the transfer of hot and cold air through the window. While the energy efficient windows are going to be an investment in the beginning, they are likely going to pay for themselves quite quickly by reducing your energy bills. 

Your Windows And/Or Frames Are Warped Or Damaged 

If your windows themselves, or the frames that they are housed in, are warped, broken, or damaged in any way, then it is going to be in your best interest to consider getting these windows replaced. Damaged window frames may cause moisture to enter your home, as well as cold or hot air. Also damaged or broken locks on your windows will likely make it much easier for someone to break into your home. A window that is warped may have issues getting stuck when you are trying to open or close it, if it will open for you at all. Because of all of these issues and more, you likely shouldn't waste time trying to repair these issues, but instead should start fresh by having a brand new window frame built and a new window installed. This will ensure that all of the problems are fixed at one time and that you have a safe and effective window that will do exactly what you need it to. 


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