A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Outdoor Ideas To Go With Your Fire Pit

Zoe Gonzalez

Outdoor fire pits can provide more than just warmth on a cool evening. They help bring people together to enjoy each others company while enjoying the beautiful glow of the fire. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased or even made yourself using paver blocks. Fire pits can be made of metal rings, made of stone or copper, have a wooden surround or a grill top, or even look like a fireplace. Make your outdoor fire pit more than just a fire pit. Make it an area for entertaining, for relaxation, and for romance. See below for ideas you can add to your outdoor fire pit to add extra ambiance.

Create A Seating Area And Perimeter

Sure you can throw some folding chairs or a few camp chairs around the fire pit. Or you can make it a little more appealing by adding wooden seating and sand or gravel surrounding the perimeter of your fire pit. To create the perimeter, dig the grass out around the fire pit. Mark the perimeter using spray paint, giving it enough space for the chairs and a safe distance in between the chairs and the fire pit itself. Once you have the area marked, use a shovel to dig the grass out. Tamp the ground below to make it level, and then add either gravel, rock, or sand. You can help keep the sand, rock, and gravel in the area by laying landscape timbers around the perimeter. Use wooden adirondack chairs around the area, or to give it a more natural feeling, use tree stumps for seats or for side tables. Add extra seating made from old tires covered in rope to use either as seats or as foot stools.

Add Lighting

If you want extra lighting around your fire pit, use string lights held by posts either held securely in the ground with concrete or held in a large planter (with plants that help repel mosquitoes). You can find string lights in a number of different styles at your local hardware store or big box store. If string lighting is impossible, you can use solar lights or solar lanterns for extra lighting.

Consider Other Ideas

  1. Create a pathway to get to your beautiful fire pit. Do so using flat stones or a gravel pathway with wood steps. Light the way using solar pathway lights.
  2. Make an area to store the wood for your fire pit so you have wood close by in case your fire starts to get cold.
  3. Add a picnic table to the area to have a place to prep/eat s'mores or other campfire meals.
  4. Make a bar area to help serve drinks and store items easily when entertaining guests.

Outdoor fire pits serve more of a purpose than just providing warmth. Turn your fire pit into an entertainment area with the addition of beautiful landscaping, lighting, and chairs.

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