A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

7 Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Zoe Gonzalez

When you are looking for solutions to make a small room look bigger, you might not know how to approach the project. It may seem expansive—unlike the room. Fortunately, just a few small renovations can make any room look much bigger. Want some ideas? Add these to your list.

1. Repaint the room in a lighter shade.

Darker rooms look smaller, and even a white room can look sparse and intruding. Use a light blue, coral, or even a neutral tan to make a room look much bigger than it really is. You'll be surprised at what a new coat of paint can do.

2. Add a window.

If you are ready to call in the contractors, consider adding a window to your cozy room. Not only does this make a room appear bigger, but it also allows more natural lighting.

3. Decorate with similar colors.

Layering similar colors can actually make a room appear bigger. Use this idea when you are trying to figure out how to best decorate your room with pillows, blankets, drapes, furniture, and even framed artwork.

4. Install ceiling lighting.

Did you know that lighting that sits up high will give a room a bigger appearance? Your contractor can add lighting or even recessed fixtures so that you no longer have to struggle with a lamp sitting on a floor or dresser that simply takes up space. 

5. Use horizontal stripes.

When you are painting and decorating, why not consider using horizontal stripes? They give the illusion of size. On the other hand, do not use verticals. They are slimming and will only serve to make the room appear darker and smaller.

6. Build up, not out.

If you are trying to make your room look bigger, you want to avoid building things that take up more floor space. While you have our contractor in, talk about remodeling so that you have a built-in, lifted bed with a desk underneath it. You might also consider building in-wall bookshelves to save even more space.

7. Add depth whenever possible.

If you can find a way to insert shelving or something else deep, you will add the illusion of extra space. You can even take this to building a window sill that reaches outward, adding a little bit of space to your room.

Ultimately, a small room does not have to look like a prison cell. With the right remodeling contractor, you can ensure that your room always looks comfortable and cozy, not small and sparse.


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