A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Do You Need Pre-Winter Roof Repair? Things to Consider

Zoe Gonzalez

The end of summer is a popular time for homeowners to evaluate their roofs. Since winter weather isn't far off, the better prepared your home is, the safer you'll be through the season. If you're wondering whether your roof is in need of attention before the snow starts to fall, there are a few things you can consider to find out.

Were You Plagued with Ice Dams Last Winter?

Any time your gutters don't drain properly, water will accumulate in them. When that water freezes, it can push up under the roofing shingles as it expands. This can separate the shingles and the roofing edge, leading to water damage and leaks in your home. Left unaddressed, it can also lead to mold growth.

If you had ice dams develop last winter, it's important that you have your gutters and roof inspected and potentially repaired before the winter weather moves in again. If you're worried about your gutters clogging, consider putting screen guards over the top to keep debris out.

What Does Your Roof Look Like?

If you stand back on the ground and look at your roof, that can tell you a lot about what's going on with it. If you can see any green or black streaks on the roofing shingles, that's a sign that you have algae or mold growing on the roof.

While this by itself may not seem like a serious concern, it's actually more significant than you think. Mold and algae grow as a result of moisture, which means you may have water leaking around and under your roofing shingles. Don't risk snow buildup and melt causing further structural damage by dismissing it. Have your roof evaluated right away.

The same is true if you can see any shingles that are visibly loose, curled, or missing. Those are an invitation for serious roofing damage from heavy snow, ice, and other hazards that the winter storms can bring. You may be able to just replace the damaged areas instead of having to install a new roof, but the longer you neglect it, the more work your roof is likely to need.

Is the Flashing Intact?

Flashing around vent pipes and chimneys helps to prevent water from seeping around the opening in the roof where these things come through. If the flashing is damaged, though, it won't do the job. Look at the flashing closely, or have your roofer inspect it, to be sure that it's still secure and not loose, bent, or otherwise compromised.

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