A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

How To Use Exterior And Interior Window Treatments To Help Your Home's Energy Efficiency

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Your home is the protection barrier around your possessions and you and your family members and pets, so it is important to make necessary upgrades to your home to help improve this protection. You can block summer's hot sun and winter's cold temperatures with some additions to your home's windows, interior and exterior, and here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Exterior Awnings

One of the first methods you can use to help keep your home cooler during the summer is installing exterior awnings. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, window awnings on your home's windows facing the sun can reduce summer solar heat gain by 65 percent on south-facing windows and by 77 percent on west-facing windows. To get the full benefit from awnings, you only need to install them on the windows facing the sun during the day, such as on your home's south and west sides.

Awnings come in several varieties and are installed on your home's exterior above the window in a permanent manner, so you don't need to worry about removing them for the winter. They can be made of fabric or metal and can be made to be fixed in place or retractable.

The way the awnings are angled above your window, you don't need to remove them for winter in order to let in winter sunlight, so you can benefit from solar heat gain. Fortunately, the summer sun moves across the sky in a higher position than it does in winter. The angle in which your exterior installed awnings sits over your window blocks the higher-set sun of summer to keep your home's interior more cool. Because the window awnings are not covering the window, they don't block your view of the outdoors.

During the winter when you want to take advantage of solar heat gain and help reduce your home's heating bill, the awnings allow in the lower-positioned sun of winter. This allows the sunshine to enter your windows despite the awning still being in place.

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Interior Window Treatments

Installing and using interior window curtains and blinds can also help keep your home more energy efficient. Hanging curtains inside your home adds color and can accentuate your windows while adding some decoration to the walls. Curtains hung in your windows that face east, south, and west can be used to block out the sun during the summer to prevent solar heat gain from the sun. It is recommended to close windows against the sun as the sun moves in the sky, then reopen the curtains after the sun passes by. This allows you to still have light in each room and be able to use each room without having to turn on any lighting.

Window blinds can also come in handy for blocking out the sun, as they can be angled either closed, and up or down to block the sun from coming into your home. Angling your window blinds upward can allow sunlight to diffuse onto the ceiling in a room, which allows light for seeing but prevents full solar heat gain during the heat of the day.

Using curtains and window blinds during the winter can help keep your home's heat inside your home. It is recommended to close your curtains during the night to help insulate your home's windows and trap interior heat inside the room. Curtains which are lined with a thick fabric will add an extra layer to create insulation over your windows. But, it is important to hang curtains that reach the floor or that can be tucked into the window, rested on the window sill. This acts as an improved insulation barrier across the window.


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