A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Glass And Wooden Doors

Zoe Gonzalez

Your doors can be a problem area when it comes to heat retention and energy efficiency. Old entry doors can be leaky, allowing cold air in during the winter, and letting it escape out during the summer. But, leaks around the edges of a door are not the only thing you need to worry about. Some materials transfer heat quicker than other, even if the door close to create a perfectly airtight seal. For example, aluminum and hollow wood doors have poor insulation ratings, so they are not a good idea to have on your entry doors. But, this article explains what materials you should consider if you are going to buy new entry doors for your property.

Solid Wood Doors

A solid wood door is going to have much better insulation than a hollow door. It is going to be energy efficient in pretty much any climate, but this is only if it is properly maintained over time. That is, if the wood is not stained and sealed to keep it waterproof, it can warp. A warped door is going to be harder to use, and when it closes, it probably won't have an airtight seal. So, wood is only a smart choice if it is in a location that is mostly shielded from water, and you are willing to refinish the surface (particularly the outside) once or twice every ten years.

Glass Doors

Doors with glass panels are stylish and desirable, but you need to think about how the glass will reduce insulation. Heat will transfer through glass much quicker than any actual frame material. So, if you only have small glass panels, it won't be a huge issue. But, doors with large glass panels can have very poor insulation. There are now double and triple pane glass doors that have argon gas in between the panes to increase insulation. Glass is great if you want to let more light in, but direct sunlight can penetrate through the glass and heat up your interior. In the end, glass doors are not great in every situation, but they can be fun and stylish in fixtures where they are still practical.

As you can see, glass and wooden doors both have their own characteristics that could make them perfect or impractical for your home. They are just two of the most popular current residential entry door choices. For more information on energy efficient doors, contact your local installation team.


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