A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Monitoring The Delicate Balance That Is Your Septic System When You Have A Large Family

Zoe Gonzalez

Farm families still exist. Farm families frequently have somewhere between four and twelve kids (yes, that kind of prolific reproduction still exists). Farm families still have septic systems too. So, if you are one of many in a large family with a septic system, how do you go about monitoring the delicate balance that is your septic system? Hopefully do so by using all of the following septic tank cleaning services.

More Frequent Checks

The average family with a septic system typically only needs to have their system pumped every one to three years. However, the definition of "average" here definitely does not apply to large families! It means about two adults and about two kids. 

Two adults and six or more kids are outside the definition of average, to be sure. What that means for your septic system then, is that you should have a septic system company check your tank quarterly, at the very least, to make sure the tank is not about to overflow. 

Services provided during a check include:

  • Level of sludge on the bottom to the mid-section of the tank
  • Level of scum layer from the top of the tank down
  • Proper drainage of the effluent layer, which drains into your leach field

If any of these are too high, your tank needs to be pumped and cleaned.

More Frequent Pumpings

Okay, so you live on a farm. That means a lot more laundry with the number of people you have coming in from the barns and fields, dirty and sweaty, and smelling like manure. It means more people taking a lot more showers. It also means a lot more flushings of the toilets in your house and a lot more handwashing, too. All of that fills up a septic tank really quickly. Not only do you need more frequent tank checks, but you are going to need more tank pumpings, too.

More Frequent Tank Replacements

So, if you start having kids at age 21, you can have one kid every year for about twenty years. By the time your oldest and second oldest have left home, your youngest is an infant. You will have raised children for forty years of your farming life. With that many kids (hypothetically speaking), you can almost guarantee a septic tank replacement at least once in that forty years. 

Most tanks may last just over a decade with an "average" family. With as many kids as farm families have, it is dubious that a septic tank will make it ten years. Plan ahead to replace the tank you have when it hits the ten-year mark.

For more information, contact a company like A-Bell Excavating Inc.


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