A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

How To Care For Your Wood Countertops

Zoe Gonzalez

If you have some wood countertops or will have some installed soon, you will want to make sure that you are learning all you can about how you can properly take care of them. This way, they will be much more likely to remain in great shape for many years to come. Here are some useful tips to help make that happen:

Use the Correct Insulation Between the Counter and Hot Surfaces

You will not want the end of your wood countertops to rest up against your stove without the correct insulation being placed between the two. This is important because of how hot the stove and oven can get. Without the appropriate insulation in place, you could find that your countertops will become severely damaged.

Never Use Bleach Products for the Cleaning of the Counters

It is very important to make sure that you are always keeping your wood counters as clean as possible. This will keep your kitchen looking nice, and it will help prevent illnesses that can arise from eating food prepared in an unclean kitchen. However, you never want to use straight bleach or bleach-based products for your wood countertops. The reason for this is because the bleach can drastically impact the finish of the counters. Then, when the finish is affected, the counter itself is more exposed, and it more likely to become warped from water spills or stained from various foods and drinks. Without the protective finish on the counters, you will also have to worry about not being able to properly clean the area because of the porous nature of the wood.

Always Use a Cutting Board

You never want to slice, chop, or dice food directly on your wood countertops. When a knife comes into direct contact with the counter and slices into the finish, damage is done that may not be able to be reversed. Doing this over and over again over the years can cause you to have to completely replace all of the counters in your kitchen in order to have safe counters that all match each other.

For more information, you can always seek guidance from the counter installers that will come to your home for the installation. If your counters are already installed, you can consult with a contractor, like those at Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc, about how you can improve their condition or keep them in the shape they are in right now.


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