A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Got An Apple Tree That Is Not Doing Well? It May Have The Deadly Disease Known As Fire Blight

Zoe Gonzalez

If you have an apple tree that is not doing well this can be due to many things. There is one disease it could have, however, that will kill your tree. This disease is known as fire blight. If your tree has this, you may have to have it removed. Below is information about this so you can determine if you need to have the tree removed from your property.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a bacterial disease that is extremely contagious to other trees and plants that are growing close to the tree.

This disease starts out in the early spring and attacks the blossoms and leaves. The bacteria then gradually move to the twigs and then to the branches. The disease will then spread to the bark. This disease is called fire blight because it looks like the tree is burnt.

Symptoms of Fire Blight

If your tree has this problem, you will see oozing cankers on the infected areas. These cankers are where the bacteria are located. The flowers will wilt, crack and shrivel at the edges. The fire blight bacteria are easily spread by rain water, birds, and insects.

If the bacteria spreads to the trunk, the bark will discolor. Once this happens the bark will die and fall off.

Treatment of Fire Blight

If you catch this problem early, you can hire a tree service to remove all affected branches, twigs, and foliage. Have the tree regularly pruned to prevent the fire blight from coming back. There are spray treatments you can purchase to spray on the canker stores. This spray will kill the bacteria. You can purchase this product online or at some garden centers. Follow the instructions on the product carefully because it is a chemical.

Because this disease spreads rapidly treatment may not work. This is especially true if the bacteria have started to spread throughout the tree. If this happens, the only option is tree removal.

Tree Removal

Do not try to cut down the infected true on your own but hire a tree removal company to do this for you. Make sure you tell them the tree has fire blight, so they can be careful not to spread the bacteria. They will do this by quickly picking up leaves, twigs, branches and wood once they start cutting the tree down.

The tree removal company will also take care of the stump after the tree is removed. They will do this by grinding the stump down until the only thing left is a hole.

If you plant to plant a new apple tree do not plant it in the same area of the tree that you removed. The bacteria will die once the temperatures get below zero, but you cannot be sure it will all die.

Talk with a tree removal company and they can give you more information.


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