A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

Why A Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure Could Be The Perfect Addition For Your Pool

Zoe Gonzalez

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you may struggle with keeping leaves out of it or swimming in it when mosquitoes are bad. If so, you may want to have a pool enclosure built over your pool. There are several benefits of an enclosure that will bring you more enjoyment of your pool. One type of enclosure to consider is the polycarbonate sheet enclosure. Here's why it's often a better choice than other options.

Polycarbonate Is Lightweight Yet Strong

One advantage of getting a polycarbonate pool enclosure is that polycarbonate is much stronger than glass. It won't crack and become a hazard to your family. It withstands storms much better, so a polycarbonate enclosure will usually last much longer than glass. Plus, the material is lighter than glass so it is easier to work with and can be designed in a number of ways without worry of excess weight on the support structure.

A Polycarbonate Enclosure Provides A Clear View

Polycarbonate is clear like glass, so you can have a view to the outside while you swim. However, it provides a barrier to all things outside the pool. Leaves and dirt will be a thing of the past, so your pool will be much easier to keep clean. Plus, you won't have to worry about animals, pets, kids, or neighbors getting in your pool since an enclosure works better than a pool fence. Polycarbonate is even able to block some of the sun's UV rays so you can swim longer without risk of burning and your pool chemicals will be easier to keep balanced.

Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures Come In Many Designs

One of the fun things about a polycarbonate enclosure is you can buy a retractable model. These can be opened up by pushing the enclosure along tracks beside your pool so it layers over itself and opens your pool to the outside. If you want to open your pool to the weather during the summer, you can open the enclosure during the day and then close it at night. Opening a retractable enclosure is easy enough for one person to do alone by simply pushing on it.

A polycarbonate pool enclosure can also be a permanent fixture in your yard. The enclosure can be spacious enough to act as an extra room on your home, or it can be small like a hoop greenhouse that has a low profile in your yard. The larger enclosures can be made with aluminum or wood supports for the look you like best, and the roofs can be flat, dome, or angled.

Pool enclosures make your pool more useful and fun since you can swim at night in the summer without bother of mosquitoes, and you can swim during the colder months of the year since the polycarbonate acts as insulation that helps your pool heater keep the water warm.


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