A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

A Look At How Basement Waterproofing Can Differ In An Older Home

Zoe Gonzalez

You adore your vintage home and you like the idea that it does have a basement. However, your old home's old basement is also a problematic thing. Basements in old houses are notorious for having water issues and left unkept, these issues can bleed through to the rest of your home. You can always call on a basement waterproofing service for help, but there are certain things that are different about these services done in an older house. Here is a look at some of the ways the project can differ from what it would be in a modern construction.  

The basement walls may have to be reinforced. 

In older homes, it is not uncommon for the basement walls to shift so much that reinforcement has to be performed just to achieve any level of waterproofing. Walls may have shifted inward, which will allow water to spill in at the top of the walls. On the contrary, it is also not unheard of for basement walls in old houses to shift outward, which can also lead to water problems. Reinforcement can involve digging a deep trench around the basement walls and using heavy equipment to push or pull the walls back into a perfectly vertical position. Reinforcement with concrete or steel materials can then be placed. 

The basement floor may have to be overcoated with concrete. 

The breakdown of a concrete floor is common over many decades. Further, some older homes have little more than a dirt or gravel basement floor, which is naturally going to generate issues with moisture. In these scenarios, creating a new floor out of concrete or installing an overcoat of sorts of a concrete slurry mixture may be necessary. Likewise, if a floor needs to have some minimal slope to encourage water flow to a sump pump, concrete will be used to create that slope.

The basement waterproofing project can take longer overall. 

One of the primary differences you can expect to see if you have brought in professionals for basement waterproofing in your older home is a longer timeframe. Older houses need more in-depth assessment to determine or pinpoint the issues and the work done is often more extensive. In a new home, you may see a waterproofing project completed over the course of a few days because the remedies are straightforward and simplistic. However, older houses may have certain steps in the process that take that long all on their own. 


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