A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

  • 7 Good Reasons to Choose Hollow Metal Doors

    If you're remodeling your office, warehouse or business facility, you're likely considering what type of doors to install. You naturally want something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being durable and secure. Hollow metal door frames offer all of those benefits and more. 1. Enhanced security.Hollow metal doors are available inbullet-proof, tamper-proof and explosive-proof models, making them a good choice for schools, detention centers and government buildings as well as public buildings, such as shopping centers and museums.

  • 4 Benefits Of A Custom Pool

    If you are considering having a swimming pool installed on your property, you may want to consider a custom pool. Custom pools offer multiple advantages that are not realized by standard pools. Here are a few of them: Dimensional Freedom Most standard pools are available in specific sizes. However, if you want a pool that is unusually large or is comprised of multiple pools, you will need to have a custom pool installed.

  • Three Tips For Buying Steel Buildings

    If you manage an industrial facility and you're about to purchase your first steel building to provide more space for your workers, you're making a sound choice -- but you have to be sure that you go about finding and purchasing the building correctly. There's more to this than just picking a model and having it bolted down in an empty lot. But if you're aware of certain issues, buying a steel building is actually quite simple.

  • Common Questions About Garage Door Springs Homeowners May Need Addressed

    An automatic garage door can be one part of the home that you may make the mistake of chronically overlooking or neglecting. This can prove to be a major mistake, as these doors require regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition. While there are many different sources of problems that can strike a garage door, issues with the primary door spring can prove to be particularly severe because this spring is responsible for lifting and lowering the door.

  • Signs That You Should Have Your Flat Roof Repaired

    If part of your home has a flat, low-slope or built-up roofing system installed, it can be prone to possible leakage. Improperly installed roofing materials or an aged roof can easily lead to water damage within your home or garage area. Calling a roofing contractor that specializes in low-slope roofing is the best way to weigh in on the performance of your roof. To you, it may not be visibly obvious that your roof needs repairs.

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    A Thank You To My Father

    My name is Sara Jenkins and I am the daughter of a plumber. As a young girl, I was not very impressed by what my father did for a living, but I loved spending time with him so I was thrilled each time he asked me to help with a repair around the house. What I didn't realize at the time was that my father was teaching me skills that would prove incredibly useful in my adult life. Today, thanks to him, I have completed a long list of plumbing jobs in my own home without the need to hire a contractor. This blog is my way of saying thank you to him by sharing all of the things that he has taught me about home repairs and construction.