A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Independent Seniors

    Mobility issues and the fear of falling are frequent concerns among senior citizens, especially if they live alone. Although some older Americans address these issues by moving into an assisted living facility or into the home of a child or relative, others would prefer to find a solution that allows them to remain as independent as possible as they age. If you are a senior who would like to remain at home, opting for home renovations such as a kitchen remodel can help remove mobility obstacles and create a safer home environment.

  • 2 Reasons To Install A Radiant Heating System

    Installing a completely new heating system in your home can be a bit complicated, mostly because there are multiple heating options available that each have their own specific advantages. The two most common types of heating systems that you will have to choose from are forced air and radiant heating, with radiant heating having a few advantages that forced air cannot match. A radiant heating system heats your house by installing pipes or electric panels under your floors and in your walls.

  • A Guide To Installing Your New Heater

    If you have recently purchased or plan on purchasing a radiant or space heater for your house, then you should immediately consider how you will install it. Different styles and models will require different installation methods, so here is a brief overview to get your started: Space Heaters A space heater is usually a portable unit which can easily be moved by one or two people. They come in many different varieties, such as convective or radiant, but both have similar installation methods.

  • How To Remove Graffiti Without Having To Replace Your Window

    One of the most frustrating and unexpected things that a lot of new business-owners experience is graffiti on their storefront windows. Glass can be extremely expensive to replace, and if you're not prepared for the extra expense, it can be hard to come back from. But instead of replacing your glass right away, try removing the graffiti yourself. There are a few materials people use to defile windows, and each one has a different removal method.

  • Great Steps To Take When Getting Your House Ready For Winter

    Owning a home comes with certain responsibilities, especially during the winter months. In order to make your home ready for these cold days of the year, you can consider these steps. Get Help from HVAC Services One of the most important steps to take before the winter months arrive is to get help from an HVAC service. Professionals at these companies can help you maintain the furnace, a pivotal machine that helps your home stay warm.

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    A Thank You To My Father

    My name is Sara Jenkins and I am the daughter of a plumber. As a young girl, I was not very impressed by what my father did for a living, but I loved spending time with him so I was thrilled each time he asked me to help with a repair around the house. What I didn't realize at the time was that my father was teaching me skills that would prove incredibly useful in my adult life. Today, thanks to him, I have completed a long list of plumbing jobs in my own home without the need to hire a contractor. This blog is my way of saying thank you to him by sharing all of the things that he has taught me about home repairs and construction.