A Thank You To My Father

A Thank You To My Father

  • Custom Design New Home Options For Families Of Autistic Children

    If you are a family with an autistic child, you know the importance of having certain options in place. If you are having a custom design new home built, there are certain option to consider. Here are a few of the options that can benefit you, your family, and your autistic child. Keep in mind all of these design options are available from custom home builders and can be adjusted to fit your needs and the size of the home.

  • Are You Redecorating Your Kitchen?

    Is this the year that you get to totally redecorate your kitchen? Maybe you are starting the project with the hopes that your newly decorated kitchen will be ready by the time out-of-town guests stay at your house. Or it might be that it is simply past time to give your kitchen a facelift. Whatever the reason that you are redecorating your kitchen, you are probably super excited, right? Maybe you already know every detail of what you want to do in the room.

  • Invest In The Right Workbench: 3 Critical Characteristics To Look For

    It's essential that you have access to the right tools if you want to complete your construction tasks safely and effectively. You might not think of your work surface as a tool, but the type of surface you work on can contribute to overall safety. Most construction companies opt to invest in industrial workbenches that can be transported from one job site to another. Ensure you are investing in the right workbench by keeping the following characteristics in mind.

  • Got An Apple Tree That Is Not Doing Well? It May Have The Deadly Disease Known As Fire Blight

    If you have an apple tree that is not doing well this can be due to many things. There is one disease it could have, however, that will kill your tree. This disease is known as fire blight. If your tree has this, you may have to have it removed. Below is information about this so you can determine if you need to have the tree removed from your property.

  • 4 Projects That Require The Assistance Of A Trenching Contractor

    There are many things you can do on your own, but some things require a professional. One of these things is trenching. This is because trenching can be dangerous if not done correctly. Below are three projects that would require a trenching contractor. 1. Run Water or Power to A Building  If you need to run water or power to a building on your property, such as a garage, a shed, etc.

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    A Thank You To My Father

    My name is Sara Jenkins and I am the daughter of a plumber. As a young girl, I was not very impressed by what my father did for a living, but I loved spending time with him so I was thrilled each time he asked me to help with a repair around the house. What I didn't realize at the time was that my father was teaching me skills that would prove incredibly useful in my adult life. Today, thanks to him, I have completed a long list of plumbing jobs in my own home without the need to hire a contractor. This blog is my way of saying thank you to him by sharing all of the things that he has taught me about home repairs and construction.